A New Brand Identity for Maysante

Written by Mary Asante

Last updated: 14/10/2021

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Today, we are announcing a new brand identity for Maysante. Maysante has always been about empowering businesses to achieve their goals, growth and profitability.

There are many reasons for this change. Our old brand identity worked well as a start-up but we’ve outgrown it. With our new brand identity, we’re taking it a step further. From the way we speak to the way we look. It all stems from our mission of helping businesses achieve their goals through coaching, training and consultancy.

We know we’ve made some considerable changes. But even though our look is different, our promise of “Empowering leaders to achieve their goals, growth and profitability” remains.

Let’s take a look…

A Personalised Marque

new brand identify for Maysante logo

Whether it is coaching, training, mentoring, HR or consultancy all centre around a personalised service. We wanted a marque that emphasises that, but our new brand identity is not just about the logo. It is the experience you will get from Maysante too. You’ll see we have incorporated our strapline “Unlock your business potential” as this sums up the essence of why we do what we do.

Colours that Create the Mood

We’ve changed our colours to represent the new Maysante brand identity. Colours evoke emotion, ours say we are knowledgeable, reliable and you can trust us. Our brand colour is a medium-dark shade of blue that reminds us of trust, integrity and knowledge. These are key to our purpose of empowering leaders to achieve their goals, growth and profitability. Our secondary colours foster confident growth and reliability.

new brand identify for Maysante colour palette

Photograhy with Emotion

new brand identify for Maysante executive image
new brand identify for Maysante - growth image
new brand identify for Maysante executive image

Helping business leaders and people looking for a new way of working is at the core of our brand. Our photography depicts professionalism, knowledge, growth and celebrates moments of achievements, not the perfect smile or pose. We include a range of gender and different stages of a career to show what it’s like to celebrate successes, both small and big wins in a relatable way. Our visual branding expresses Maysante’s way of being direct but respectful, integrity and professionalism but not too informal.

team training
knowledge image

Some moments are not easily captured in words or photography so we will use illustrations to help us turn more complex ideas and messages into something clear and intuitive.

What’s next

So what does all this mean? And what does it mean for you? Whether you’re a coachee or a business, you’ll feel the changes. As graceful as our new brand identity is, it’s more than a look. Maysante is about your experience with us.

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