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For individuals, organisations, small and medium enterprises
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Leadership Training and Development – Who Is It For?

leadership training & development basics

Leadership training and development helps identify high-potential individuals that are likely to become leaders and extends the capabilities and knowledge of individuals who already perform leadership roles. Leaders may need training in both soft and hard skills, depending on your organisation’s current challenges.

works best when it is used to:

Help drive an organisation’s growth.

Help current leaders to extend their skill set.

Build future business and team leaders.

Increase employee engagement.

Help individuals to facilitate organisational change.


Benefits to the individual
  • Preparation to implement the most appropriate leadership style in the work you do
  • Achieve clarity to your vision
  • Enhances your career prospects
  • Empowers you to succeed
  • Enhance confidence
  • Develop new valuable skills (persuade and
  • influence)
  • Helps you communicate better
  • Develop better emotional intelligence
  • Enhancing personal impact and performance
Benefits to organisations
  • Greater commitment and buy-in from directors and senior managers
  • Retaining talent and keeping staff engaged
  • More creative outlook in business planning
  • Improved management of other staff
  • Building positive relationships between people and functions
  • Facilitating the adoption of a new culture in your business
  • Enable better decision-making

Leadership Training and Development

For individuals

The programme consists of 6 modules either online or in-person:

  • Leadership Styles and Techniques
  • Accountability
  • Change Management
  • Influence and Negotiation
  • Organisational skills
  • Effective Communication

Maximum attendance for each session is 15.


Who is it best for?

  • Managers and senior managers
  • Individuals seeking to advance their career
  • Individuals scaling their functions to grow their business


Leadership Training and Development

For Organisations

Bespoke based on the organisation’s needs and objectives. The leadership and training development service include:

  • A discovery meeting to understand objectives and needs
  • Training and development support pack
  • Training and development sessions


organisation team

What I Can Help You With

Every opportunity we get, we help individuals and business leaders unlock their potential a little more.

My Approach to Leadership Training

As an experienced leader, you may find that from time to time, you may struggle with priorities. As your business grows its needs change, new challenges may arise. Your organisation may need a fresh outlook and thinking. Our leadership training equips you with the skills that you need to lead your team and run your business.  Our leadership training and development programmes are about:

  • Gaining clarity
  • Improving prioritisation skills
  • Accountability
  • Growing in confidence
  • Enhancing leadership skills

The tasks ahead may seem daunting and sometimes impossible when you're newly appointed. Our leadership training will give you the confidence boost and the skills you need to lead your team in a stress-free manner. Building on the success of our leadership training and development programme, you can rest assured that your entire team will benefit immensely from our team training and development programme.

Mary Asante

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Leadership traning and development?

Leadership training and development equip leaders with essential and advantageous skills to be effective and exemplary leaders.  You will acquire skills that you can apply throughout your working life and beyond. You learn about your style and the dynamics of different styles within the workplace. You explore how understanding your emotions and behaviours at work and that of your team can help you be your best self and the best leader.

leadership training and development - who is it for?

Our Leadership training and development is for all leaders – from newly appointed leaders to experienced leaders. Irrespective of the size of your team or organisation, our leadership training will help you to become a true and effective leader

Do You Only Work With experienced leaders?

No. Our training and development programme is for both new and experienced leaders working in all types of organisations and industries.

Do You Offer Ongoing support?

Yes. We can offer post-training support through our Executive Coaching programme.

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Leadership Training and Development Outline Programme

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