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Making a real difference to our clients through our executive coaching, leadership development and other services is the key purpose of why Maysante exists. We get a real buzz from seeing clients’ progress when we work with them. The joy, relief and excitement from having breakthroughs and light bulb moments. Helping clients to find their confidence and to arrive at the best decisions for them and their businesses. Our big why, our goal, is to see our clients achieve their goals and purpose.

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Enabling leaders to enhance their strategy, processes and infrastructure, streamlining and simplifying them to empower businesses to achieve their goals, growth and profitability.

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Meet Mary Asante

About Mary

Meet Mary Asante, a distinguished Executive Coach and luminary in strategic HR and leadership development.  Mary’s approach to executive coaching goes beyond mere dialogue; it is results-driven, action-oriented, centred on emotional intelligence and rooted in accountability. Experience coaching with a clear purpose and transformative outcomes.

As the CEO and founder of Maysante Consultancy Limited, she brings over two decades of industry experience, advising and coaching businesses across leadership development, people management, and strategy formulation.

As the CEO of HR Independents (HRi), Mary coaches HR and People professionals and advocates for a holistic and people-centric approach to business success.

Mary is passionate about education and professional development and serves as a board member of the Industry Advisory Board for the School of Computing and Communications of the Open University, where she influences the School’s strategy and development.

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Advocate for autism awareness

Employees with autism | abilities

Beyond her professional realm, Mary is an advocate for autism awareness. As a mother of an autistic child, she intimately understands the challenges faced by individuals and their families. In her role as a Trustee for Jigsaw Trust, a charity supporting individuals with autism, Mary actively contributes to creating positive impacts in this sphere.

For those seeking a transformative journey in leadership, strategy, and holistic business development, Mary Asante is not just an Executive Coach; she’s a catalyst for meaningful change.

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Experienced and Qualified

Licenses and Certifications

Mary Asante is a distinguished professional with a wealth of qualifications and accreditations. As a Chartered Fellow of CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development), a fellow member of The Institute of Leadership and an accredited Platinum member of HR Independents (HRi), she brings a high level of expertise to her role. Holding a Master’s in Human Resources Management further emphasises her commitment to excellence in her field.

She is a licensed EBW (Emotions and Behaviours at Work) Partner and advanced facilitator. Commited to using Emotional Intelligence approach for demystifying and enhancing workplace dynamics. 


Chartered Fellow CIPD (FCIPD)

EBW Global

EBW Licensed Partner

HRi Accredited Member


Accredited Member