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Enhance your potential with our customised coaching services, specialising in Executive Coaching, Leadership Team Coaching and Career coaching.

Accelerate your personal and professional growth.

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Leadership & Professional Development

Empower your leaders to be their best.

Amplify their ability to drive change, inspire, lead and motivate teams. Cultivate positive change-makers.

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HR Consulting Services

Enhance your strategic goals by aligning your people strategies with your businesses’ overarching strategic goals.

Empower your employees to achieve their maximum potential. Get the most out of your people.

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Executive Recruitment

Find leaders who meet the requirements and elevate your company’s culture and performance.

Explore a new era of executive recruitment that goes beyond resumes – it’s about finding the perfect fit for your vision and goals. Let’s transform your team together.

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Why Maysante

Your triumphs are our pride, and your aspirations drive our dedication. Dedicated to empowering executives and leaders like you by understanding your challenges and placing that at the heart of our approach.

Our approach is marked by guided integrity where honest communication and steadfast dedication form the foundation of our interactions. We redefine reliability, extending it beyond our services to the relationships we nurture. Becoming your confidant, your strategic partner, and actively investing in co-creating tailored solutions that align with your vision and goal.

We thrive on embracing innovation, challenging the norm, thinking outside the box devising inventive solutions to tackle your unique challenges.

Mary Asante, Executive and Leadership Coach

Every opportunity we get is a chance to help you unlock your business potential. However, the true essence of our partnership lies in celebration. Your victories, whether small or monumental, become ours to celebrate with you. Success stories fuel our shared journey, making every win, no matter the size, a cause for celebration.

Together, we achieve remarkable milestones and celebrate every step of the way.

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Developing confidence and impact

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Improving engagement

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What our clients say

Global Media

“Thank you so much for your HR support to help me to get the best performance out of the relationship with my Digital Marketing Apprentice.

Your sessions to explore the cultural fit between the business and my newly employed apprentice were easy to follow and thought-provoking. Your relaxed and clear approach allowed us to be relaxed and open about our perspectives regarding the business and the various job roles in the company. I especially appreciate your timely detailed report that presented your analysis of the situation together with recommendations and an actionable 12-month development plan to enable my business to achieve its objectives. The development plan is now the template for the role of Digital Marketing Apprentices that we employ going forward.

As a direct result of your work with us, I feel better able to achieve a committed team in my company.”

Eny Osung, Managing Director

Career Coaching

Thank you so much for taking the time to conduct a mock interview with me in preparation for my real interview.

The mock interview helped me understand the professional expectations in a virtual interview and think about how to approach questions. This level of preparation in turn helped me control my nerves and deliver well-controlled responses.I am pleased to tell you I got the job.

University of Chichester

“Mary worked with our UG students on BA Hons in HRM and Business Management sharing her experience and insights from her work experience in SMEs in Tech. Really well-delivered with stretch and challenge which was really beneficial. ould definitely invite Mary again.”

Paul Jenkins, Programme Coordinator


Health Style & Beauty UK

“Mary is my go-to person for advice when dealing with people, business relationships and disputes. She is knowledgeable, confident, pragmatic and possesses a unique temperament. She is excellent at resolving business and employee relations issues. She is the one I go to when I have hit a block dealing with other businesses and she always uses diplomacy and her experience to help arrive at a better solution.”

V Niarko, CEO


Your Finance Team

“We were looking for a consultant to help us with our GDPR processes, client privacy policies and team training on GDPR. Mary supported us through the process and made a complex subject very straightforward. Mary is a great communicator and was able to train the team to a high standard. I would highly recommend the services that Mary provides”

Mark Randall, Director