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Executive Coaching

Unlock your business potential

Become a more effective and efficient leader

Empower yourself and become the best version of yourself.

Become a more effective and efficient executive leader and increase your capacity to drive change with impact and purpose.

Gain the tools to articulate ideas with clarity, influence stakeholders effectively, foster meaningful connections within your teams and make a lasting impact.

Being at the top can feel very lonely, along with the challenge of trying to balance personal and professional life. Finding a way that works best for you to manage your well-being is not always easy.  Mary Asante, the founder and CEO of Maysante fully understands this as an executive leader, entrepreneur and mum of three, including a daughter with autism.

Engaging in executive coaching will allow you the invaluable time and space to talk, reflect and grow. An executive leadership coach will bring you an independent perspective and act as your confidant

Purposeful coaching

Coaching with purpose goes beyond the ordinary. So you get the maximum benefit out of our programme, we leverage Business EQ, offering profound insights into emotions and behaviour. The outcome provides invaluable information and development opportunities to enhance your growth.

Navigating through your challenges involves a strategic blend of approaches, designed to uncover the key issues and challenges. It’s all about clarity — helping you see through the fog and gain a crystal-clear understanding. But here’s the key element: accountability. Your coach is not just a sounding board, but your guide and confidant holding you to your commitments and charting a course toward progress.

Mary Asante, Executive and Leadership Coach

Together, we’re forging a path forward, unlocking your potential to conquer both personal and professional milestones. It’s not just about coaching; it’s about forging a path forward with purpose.

Where will the executive coaching sessions take place?

The location of your executive coaching session is entirely at your discretion. We prioritise your preferences in determining the most suitable timings for your sessions. Whether you prefer virtual interactions or face-to-face meetings, rest assured that every session unfolds in a safe, relaxing and welcoming environment. To cater to your needs, here are some options you can consider.


OUR Office

Coaching sessions at our office. This is a private, safe, relaxing and welcoming environment. The office is based in Epsom, Surrey and parking is available.


Online Coaching

Location should not be a barrier to you benefiting from coaching sessions.  Your coaching sessions can be delivered online offering you flexibility.


Walking Coaching

Experience a more relaxed and informal form of coaching with walking coaching –  a refreshing approach to enrich your coaching experience. It is a great way to make your sessions effective but enjoyable.

Our clients love this approach to coaching. Mary Asante runs the Surrey Netwalking at Epsom Downs Racecourse, a refreshing networking environment, great for innovative ideas, and new outlooks to challenges.

Office space

Hotels and Offices

Some clients prefer meeting in more central locations. If this is your preference we can arrange to organise a quiet meeting room in a hotel or a suitable venue.

We may be able to hold your coaching sessions at your office if you can provide a private, safe and relaxing environment.


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“Mary is my go-to person for advice when dealing with people, business relationships and disputes. She is knowledgeable, confident, pragmatic and possesses a unique temperament. She is excellent at resolving business and employee relations issues. She is the one I go to when I have hit a block dealing with other businesses and she always uses diplomacy and her experience to help arrive at a better solution.”

V Niarko, CEO


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