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If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail – Benjamin Franklin

Maysante works with your business leaders to plan their strategy. We translate them into goals, objectives and procedures which underpins business decisions. Crucial to achieving organisational goals and success.

We enable businesses to gain a competitive edge. By supporting leadership to put in place plans and realign resources to achieve targets. Engaging an experienced independent consultant can be beneficial to your team. And bring a unique perspective to strengthen your leadership.


Organisation Development

Organisational change can be a difficult journey. But it is inevitable for the development and growth of any company. Organisational development initiatives are successful when we place people at the centre.

With years of experience in driving change, Maysante will be an invaluable asset to your team. Playing the role of a catalyst to your organisational development programme by aligning:

  • the structural;
  • cultural;
  • people; and
  • strategic positions of your organisation.

Strategic HR

Getting your HR Strategy right and aligning it with your business strategy and goals can be key ingredients to the success of your organisation. Where there is a disconnect between what your organisation is trying to achieve and what your HR Strategy is trying to achieve, the organisation becomes dysfunctional and employees become confused and disengaged.

People are your most important assets and potentially the biggest cost (payroll, benefits etc), it is, therefore, essential to align your HR strategy to your business strategy. Your organisation may also benefit from strategic HR input into your business strategy. Maysante can provide Strategic HR support for your organisation to help drive it forward.


Rewards and Benefits

It is important for you to distinguish your organisation as the market leader and the best employer to work for.

One way to achieve this is by rewarding your employees appropriately for their efforts and contributions.

Whether you have a need for balancing reward and benefits to ensure fair pay within your organisation, or that you are and remain competitive in your industry, Maysante can help you evaluate salary, bonus, compensation and benefits. And bring you up to where your organisation should be to ensure that you attract and retain the right talent.

Performance Management

Managing performance is more than a performance appraisal meeting which may happen once or twice a year. To effectively manage performance, there needs to be a regular ongoing conversation between managers and their employees about their work, wellbeing and the working environment.

Performance management conversations need to be able to capture what is going well, what can be improved, training needs as well as future directions and goals. The performance management process doesn’t need to be tasking. It can be a meaningful, open and constructive process.

We can help you tailor your performance management process to suit your business needs and environment.


Employee Engagement

Key to retaining talented staff is employee engagement. Are your employees engaged with your business activities and business goals? Do you provide your employees with the necessary information they require about your business or do you leave things to chance and to rumours?

Maysante will work with you to come up with suitable employee engagement initiatives which will help improve the engagement with your staff and promote their wellbeing, leading to increased productivity and retention.


Having the right people in the right roles is key to the operational and strategic success of many organisations. Getting it wrong causes a lot of headaches for business leaders and managers. Maysante can support your recruitment drive by helping you identify the right people and attract them to the right roles. Recruitment is much about selling your organisation to candidates as it is about candidates selling themselves to you. We can train your managers to understand their recruitment needs and hold their hands through the recruitment process to ensure they ask the right questions. More importantly, listen to the candidates during interviews and choose the right candidates for the interviews. We can be on your interviewing panels for more critical roles to help you make the right decision.

Companies & People I’ve Worked With

Thank you so much for your HR support to help me to get the best performance out of the relationship with my Digital Marketing Apprentice.

Your sessions to explore the cultural fit between the business and my newly employed apprentice were easy to follow and thought-provoking. Your relaxed and clear approach allowed us to be relaxed and open about our perspectives regarding the business and the various job roles in the company. I especially appreciate your timely detailed report that presented your analysis of the situation together with recommendations and an actionable 12-month development plan to enable my business to achieve its objectives. The development plan is now the template for the role of Digital Marketing Apprentices that we employ going forward.

As a direct result of your work with us, I feel better able to achieve a committed team in my company.

Eny Osung

Managing Director, Global Media

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