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How can Executive Coaching Enable Business Transformation

Coaching and Leadership

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Executive Coaching and Business Transformation

Executive coaching is an empowering tool for leaders leading transformational programmes. The pandemic forced most businesses to adapt their business strategy, practices, embed technology into their processes and become more agile. Business transformation is inevitable for business survival, growth and profitability. Executives of organisations driving change and business transformation will reap benefits from executive coaching. A good coach will help you reflect, focus, manage chaos, increase your confidence and become resilient. Coaching can help the executive manage the stress of leading change better. The Executive coach will be able to provide constructive feedback. This help keep the executive in check in a way that mentors and peers within organisations can’t. This is crucial to a successful transformation programme. An executive coach can help you develop a growth mindset that will enable you to change and to lead change.

Emotional Intelligence

Understanding your emotional intelligence and that of your team can provide great insights into how to effect transformation. Change unsettles many people – leaders, workforce and customers alike. If not managed properly, it may have the opposite effect on the intended outcome.

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Leaders of organisations need to understand the role emotions and behaviours play in transforming organisations. It is important to reflect on how much you as a leader changes/needs to change as part of the transformation. Business transformation may not just affect your work-life, it may also impact your life outside of work. It is essential to get the balance right for your well-being and those around you. Executive coaching can provide you with the tools you need to manage emotions and behaviours at work.

Unlocking Potential

Identifying and clearly defining desired behaviours and outcome provides clarity. As a leader, your success is dependent on the ability of the team you are leading to deliver. It is therefore important that you enable your team to deliver. This may include empowering your team and encouraging them to be innovative. It is also important to ensure that your team is accountable and so are you. Your coach will hold you accountable. They will help you develop your potential.

Confidence Building

Increasing in confidence as a leader helps you to be your best self. You are able to make decisions that you are happy to stand by and also to recognise when things are not working and when to delegate or step away from something. Through coaching, leaders can become more self-aware.

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The coach can help you work on your key developmental areas and to help give you the confidence boost you need. The executive coach will help you follow your passion.

Who Benefits from Executive Coaching

The individual executive or the team of executives receiving executive coaching benefits directly from executive coaching. The teams they are leading will benefit indirectly from the coaching experience. The organisation also benefits. Great performing executives achieve and/or exceed their objectives and expectations. They deliver value through their actions and that of their team. Executive coaching empowers leaders to develop a growth mindset, emotional intelligence, unlock their potential and build their confidence. There are more benefits of executive coaching, read this blog post for a reminder of what the other benefits are.

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