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Become a more effective executive leader, be self-aware and engaging.

As an executive leader, entrepreneur and a mum of three, including a daughter with autism, I understand it’s challenging trying to balance personal and professional life. And finding a way that works best for you to manage your well-being. Juggling these priorities can put you under a lot of pressure and being at the top can feel very lonely. An executive leadership coach will bring you an independent perspective and act as your confidant.

Hello, I’m Mary Asante, founder and CEO of Maysante.  My approach to executive coaching is solution-based. I focus on results, actions and accountability. An executive coaching programme will start with an initial discussion to understand:


  • what you’re trying to achieve
  • what outcome do you want from your executive coaching sessions
  • the challenges you are currently facing
executive coaching

To give you the best coaching experience, I use assessment tools, action plans and information we gather during your session. We will then create an action plan at the end of each session, setting the tone for the next session.

I’m direct and by using open-ended questioning and actively listening to you, collectively we can get to the bottom of issues. By holding you accountable, you can find a way forward and progress.

The focus is on how to be more effective rather than what you need to be doing more of.

My Approach to Coaching

I have coached several business leaders and executives using my unique coaching style. Central to my style is my values, integrity, reliability, customer focus and innovation. Using these values, I build a trusting relationship with you.  I always have the following in mind in my approach to coaching:

  • Growth mindset
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Unlocking potential
  • Confidence building

By using direct, open-ended questioning and actively listening to you.  I help you get to the bottom of issues and to face up to the truth. I help you gain clarity and by holding you accountable, you are able to find a way forward and progress. And achieve your personal and professional goals and objectives.

The best part is that I celebrate successes with you, both small wins and big wins.

Mary Asante


Chartered Fellow CIPD (FCIPD)

EBW Global

EBW Licensed Partner

What I Can Help You With

Every opportunity we get, we help individuals and business leaders unlock their potential.

Have you considered executive coaching to help overcome your challenges?

​These are some of the ways executive coaching can help you become a better leader:

  • Improve your confidence and decision making
  • By addressing and managing team conflicts and issues without disrupting productivity.
  • Being more self-aware can help you become a more effective leader
  • Improve relationships at work, encourage team development and staff motivation.
  • Manager-staff relationships are trickier than ever and the next generation approaches work differently.
  • Be more objective in your thinking, rather than sticking to “ that’s the way we’ve always done it”.
  • Identifying and developing the next generation of leadership for the business.

Where will the executive coaching sessions take place?

We will follow your lead to determine the best timings for your sessions. Whether it is virtual or face-to-face, all sessions take place in a safe, relaxing and welcoming environment. Below are some options you can choose from:


Home Office

I offer coaching sessions at my office. This is a private, safe, relaxing and welcoming environment. The office is based in Epsom, Surrey. There is parking available.

online Coaching

My clients have busy schedules and need the flexibility to access coaching from any location. This is particularly helpful when you are away on business trips or travelling around. Location should not be a barrier to you benefiting from your coaching sessions.

virtual online

Walking Coaching

Executive coaching has traditionally been conducted in an ‘Executive’ type office with a coach and client sitting across the table from each other. The pandemic has shifted much of this to virtual sessions, but still require both people to be sitting looking at each other.

I still use this method today,  but there is something special about a good walk and getting out of the office moving around.  Being able to see a variety of sights like nature and sounds can be more beneficial. There is nothing like a good walk to help your mind, boost your energy, and help you consider the best options for moving forward.

I am the founder of and run the Surrey Netwalking at Epsom Downs Racecourse and there have been several lightbulb moments.  Walking coaching offers a more informal and relaxing session.  It is a great way to have coaching sessions.


Some clients prefer meeting in more central locations. If this is your preference we can arrange to organise a quiet meeting room in a hotel.

Coaching sessions can also take place at your office depending on your office location.

office space

Return on Investment

Coaching generates learning and clarity for forward action with a commitment to measurable outcomes. According to the ICF Global Coaching Client Study conducted by PWC, 86% of companies say they made their investment back from an executive coaching engagement.

Mary is my go to person for advice when dealing with people, business relationship and disputes. She is knowledgeable, confident, pragmatic and possess a unique temperament. She is excellent at resolving business and employee relations issues. She is the one I go to when I have hit a block dealing with other businesses and she always uses diplomacy and her experience to help arrive at a better solution.

V Niarko

CEO, Health Style & Beauty UK

Frequently Asked Questions

What is EXEUCTIVE Coaching?

Executive coaching sessions are skilled and targeted conversations that challenge and support executives to help themselves, and their business or organisation, to excel over the long term.  Executive coaching is about helping people to achieve their full potential, with a focus on what they want to achieve now and in the future. 

How Do I Know if Executive Coaching Is Right for Me?

Executive coaching is for individuals in an executive position and have questions or is facing challenges. An independent coach can help you unearth and guide you to a desirable outcome.

We offer a confidential safe and trusting space for you to explore all possible options.

Still unsure? Our 15 minutes complimentary consultation will help you decide if our style will work for you.

Do You Only Work With Senior Executives and Business Leaders?

We work with all Senior Executives, Managing Directors, CEOs, Chairs and business leaders. Whether you are new in your role and or organisation, you can benefit from Executive Coaching to make a long-lasting positive impact. And to build effective relationships

Do You Offer Ongoing Consulting Services?

The length of the coaching will depend on your individual needs. We have long term positive relationships with our clients who often come back to us as their trusted coach and go-to person as we have proven that we can meet their needs.

Is there a minimum coaching period?

For coaching to be effective, you will need between six to eight coaching sessions, spread over a period of time. We will agree with you on time and dates that fit your busy schedule and lifestyle.

Do you offer coaching in out of office hours?

We understand that time is precious and of essence to you. We will work with you to ensure our coaching sessions suit you and your needs. Where necessary, we can offer evening or weekend sessions at a premium.

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