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What is Career Coaching?

coaching Basics

Career coaching is a solution that focuses on results, actions and accountability. You can engage with a career coach at any point in your professional life. Whether you are starting your career or are already on the ladder, career coaching can support you to achieve your goals. We start where you are now and provide support to help you achieve your goals during the engagement period.

career coaching is best when it:

Helps individuals with a career transition.

Is used to enhance their performance to advance their career.

Provides professionals support to maintain focus and hold them accountable.

Assists professionals with clarity and aligns their desired job role with their personal goals.

What I Can Help You With

Every opportunity we get, we help individuals and business leaders unlock their potential.


  • Preparation to refine your next career step and set out a clear path towards success
  • Methods of identifying your strengths and weaknesses as well as your differentiating factors
  • Methods of identifying your potential skill gaps and recommend actions to fill them
  • Increase dedication to career development
  • Methods of managing self-doubt and conflict


You may have been in your position for a long time and not had to review or rewrite your CV. Searching for a new job or applying for a promotion can be overwhelming. I can provide you with constructive feedback on your CV and help you tailor it to the roles that you are applying for, maximising your chances of landing an interview..

CV - Maysante
Mock Interview Maysante

Mock Interviews

Your nerves can get the better of you during interviews. You may not have interviewed in a long time and are anxious about how you might come across at your interview. Whether you are going for a virtual or face-to-face interview, being well prepared and having mock interviews can boost your confidence and help you excel at the interview. My mock interviews are very much like real interviews. With the bonus of me giving you honest constructive feedback and practical tips at the end of it, to help you perform better at the real interview.

interview Techniques

Having applied for your next role, it is exciting to make the shortlist for an interview. You have one shot to impress on the interviewing panel. With years of experience in interviewing candidates for all positions, including C-level, leadership and managerial levels, I will work with you to give you the confidence and techniques you will need to ace at your interview, landing you your dream role.

interview techniques

Career Coaching

What is included

The career coaching session service includes:

  • A discovery meeting session
  • Emotional intelligence assessment
  • Coachee support pack
  • The career coaching sessions

The process starts with an initial discussion to understand your objectives, the level of your existing skills, knowledge, behaviours and your motivation.

Career Coaching

What to expect

1. Set goal: you will set SMART objectives including confirmation of the number of sessions you require.
2. Prepare: use action plans, diagnostic tools and assessment results to aid your coaching experience
3. Implement: your coaching sessions will take place in a safe, comfortable environment over a period that is convenient for you.
4. Develop tools and methodologies to gain clarity regarding your career.
5. Reflect: evaluate, determine success and next steps
6. Perform: take your next career step and how to work towards it.


My Approach to Coaching

I have coached several business leaders and executives using my unique coaching style. Central to my style is my values, integrity, reliability, customer focus and innovation. Using these values, I build a trusting relationship with you.  I always have the following in mind in my approach to coaching:

  • Growth mindset
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Unlocking potential
  • Confidence building

By using direct, open-ended questioning and actively listening to you.  I help you get to the bottom of issues and to face up to the truth. I help you gain clarity and by holding you accountable, you are able to find a way forward and progress. And achieve your personal and professional goals and objectives.

The best part is that I celebrate successes with you, both small wins and big wins.

Mary Asante


Chartered Fellow CIPD (FCIPD)

EBW Global

EBW Licensed Partner

What I Can Help You With

Every opportunity we get, we help individuals and business leaders unlock their potential.

Thank you so much for taking the time to conduct a mock interview with me in preparation for my real interview.

The mock interview helped me understand the professional expectations in a virtual interview and think about how to approach questions. This level of preparation in turn helped me control my nerves and deliver well-controlled responses.

I am pleased to tell you I got the job.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is career Coaching?

Career coaching helps improve your professional life and focus on your current situation. Wherever you are in your career journey whether you are:

  • starting your career;
  • progressing on the career ladder;
  • thinking about changing careers; or
  • contemplating on changing jobs

Career coaching can help you identify what you want from your future and then make a plan to get there.

Is career coaching Right for Me?

If you answer yes to any of the questions below, you will benefit from career coaching:

  • Are you at crossroads and not sure which direction to follow?
  • Are you being headhunted and being offered an irresistible opportunity?
  • Do you feel stuck in your current role or organisation and are losing all motivation to go on?
  • Are you out of job and want to land your next dream role?

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Is career coaching only for when I am applying for jobs?

No. Career Coaching will benefit you in deciding what is next for you in your career journey. The answer does not always lie in changing careers. We will work with you to help you determine your future direction and to achieve your future goals.

Do You Offer mock interviews?

Yes, we offer mock interviews to help build your confidence. This is especially useful if you have been out of practice for a while or your confidence has been knocked after several rejections in the job application process.

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